Why I want to study HTML & CSS from the beginning

30 Mar

Hi Jamie,

I would like to take “HTML & CSS from the beginning”  because I would love to learn about website design. I have some experience with HTML but, at the risk of dating myself, my HTML knowledge dates back to the days of designing websites with tables (yikes)! I would very much like to update my knowledge with current advances in HTML and, of course, with CSS instead of tables. By the way, whoever invented CSS was a genius!

I learn best in a “hands-on” manner, and I really enjoy computing. I’ve taught myself software in the past, sometimes because I needed to learn a particular program, and sometimes because I just enjoy learning new or better uses for my computer. I would enjoy learning best practices in website structure, design and usability. The marks I gave myself in task 2 reflect the fact that I have somewhat outdated experience with HTML but don’t know CSS very much at all. However, I do understand why CSS has become the way of the web; it’s so much more efficient than having to use tags to format web pages.

Bending computers to my will makes me very happy!  :=)  Seriously, I truly enjoy learning new computer skills and applying them. I work for a non-profit adult literacy organization as their “accidental techie”, and any new computer skills I acquire give me both personal satisfaction because I love learning new things and professional satisfaction in that I can help further a cause I believe in with every new skill I gain.

What am I passionate about? That would take a long time to answer because my enthusiasms are many–of course, I’m passionate about my family (a husband, three mostly grown kids and a dog). I also love computing, watching sports (especially figure skating and baseball), America’s National Parks, and travel. I am also passionate about adult literacy–I began involvement in the field as a volunteer tutor, and currently train new tutors for my organization. I hope to teach a computer literacy course for adults in the near future as well. Adults that need literacy skills to enter the workforce need computer skills as well in just about any job they may hope to get.

Thank you for considering me for your course. I am sure I will enjoy the course if I’m fortunate enough to get in.



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