Reflections on week #1–HTML and CSS from the beginning

13 May
Hello World screen capture

Hello World screen capture, week 1 assignment

(BTW, you probably all know this already, but I didn’t :)–to make the image larger and therefore viewable, double-click on it). Very excited to start the course.  Even though this week’s “Hello World” assignment was simple for someone who has had experience with HTML, I still learned something: I didn’t have any idea how to write the head of an HTML document! Even though I used Dreamweaver in the past, I still learned a fair amount of HTML because I enjoy learning new computer things, so I would “hand-write” some of the HTML in my documents so I could learn. However, Dreamweaver and other such programs insert most if not all of the stuff in the <head> of a document for you, so that was mostly new to me. I also didn’t know that <h1> tags and the like automatically insert a carriage return into your document (good to know).  Doing this simple “Hello World” document just whets my appetite for doing more complicated stuff. And the CSS stuff we’ll be learning later will be almost totally new to me, so I hope we start that section off as simply as the HTML section :=) !!


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One response to “Reflections on week #1–HTML and CSS from the beginning

  1. Jamie Curle

    May 21, 2011 at 10:17 AM

    Hi Terese,

    I’m glad you found week one helpful. Your code is very nicely laid out and you’ve clearly got a grasp on it.

    Keep this up.




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