Self-Assessment #2 (one of week 4’s assignments)

14 Jun

Here is my self-assessment table. Both the HTML and CSS validated.

Three things I’m having trouble with in HTML:

(1) I don’t know if “having trouble” is the right word, but I feel like I need to learn and experiment a lot with the img tag, since it’s pretty important in creating a web page;

(2) Still don’t totally understand the time tag. I can write a valid one, and understand how it is used to mark the date of, for example, a blog post, but someone on the Google list said “We use the time tag at my work to display our hours for that specific day and to display any events we have going on (ex- we have a charity ride leaving in 2 hours……1 hour….etc)”. I would like to know specifically how that works, and haven’t been able to find an explanation that makes sense to me on the web yet;

(3)I understand how to nest tags but am still learning about block-level vs. inline, and which tags can/cannot nest inside which other tags (the p tag in particular). I’ve had it explained to me but can’t always remember it when I’m actually writing HTML.


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3 responses to “Self-Assessment #2 (one of week 4’s assignments)

  1. ejoey

    June 16, 2011 at 5:57 PM

    Hi, we have talked before I think, I wanted to introduce myself as a member of group 3. You seem to be doing swell, so much so that I feel funny answering but to share thoughts, image is different because nothing goes in between it, it is a location marker; time is a block element and block elements are high level that normally “structure” (paragraphs, lists headings, time, divs breaks and tables.
    Inline usually surround text, not entire paragraphs or groupings, like hyperlinks, highlighted words, short quotes.
    I think you know more than me though, nice to meeting you. i did my first passed validation but had to take out a block element span tag to do it, still working on all that.

  2. fuzecode

    June 17, 2011 at 12:06 AM

    Hiya, I see you’re having trouble understanding . There’s a article in html5doctor that talks about the element and gives examples of it’s uses, maybe that will help.

    • terrytek

      June 17, 2011 at 12:44 PM

      Thanks fuzecode–I read that article and it did help some, but I would still like to know the details of how computers “use” the time tag–with a script?


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