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Learning CSS

Unfortunately, the course “HTML and CSS from the beginning” turned out to be “HTML from the beginning”. The instructor decided that he didn’t have time to keep preparing lessons and providing feedback along with his work obligations, so the course was prematurely terminated. That means I am learning CSS on my own. It’s too bad, because the instructor was very good. It was a free course, though, so I can’t complain too much.

Fortunately there are practically infinite web sources to learn CSS. But unlike HTML5, which is a fairly new standard upheld by the major browsers, CSS is still in version 2.1 and still has some major limitations and browser quirks. CSS 3 is in development, but some browsers are implementing some of its features now. This is a long-winded way to say that it seems to be harder to find current CSS best practices than it is to find HTML5 best practices. If you’re learning something new anyway, you might as well learn it the right way!!

Since I’m trying to learn web design with the best practices possible, and since I don’t have any production deadlines to meet (yet), I want to learn as much about accessibility as I can while learning CSS. More on that in the next post.


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